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Seriously, another blog?

I've got about five of them and I don't do any of them justice. Here's a few links to some I do:


07/01/2013 14:46


I was privileged to attend The Greenleaf International Servant Leadership conference in Indianapolis Indiana recently.  Robert Greenleaf is the foundation for servant leadership and any worthwhile discussion around it.   The conference was great, and I hope to post a list of takeaways...
05/03/2013 09:41

The Art of Confrontation

Confrontation is probably the most avoided behavior for leaders. Those who enjoy confrontation are probably not in any significant leadership position, unless it’s a self-appointed, self-employed position where they enjoy barking at others.   For most of us, confrontation doesn't come...
03/11/2013 11:10

I'm getting old

Yesterday I realized that I’m getting old. At least it appears I’m at that place now that I can say whatever I want and it’s received as wisdom. When I was younger and said what I wanted, it really didn’t carry any wisdom with it, let alone generate any respect.  So there is something about...

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