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Along my path of servant leadership, I’ve made mistakes and I’ve been blessed with a few successes.  One thing for sure that I know, it takes a lifetime of living to learn to be successful. I heard John Maxwell emphatically say one time, “Everything rises and falls on leadership.”  With that in mind, we need to put some effort into increasing our skills in leadership.

I’m getting old. Well, let’s just say, I’m getting older, and as all old people do, we want to make a difference for the replacements coming up. We want to make it easier for them so they can get up on our shoulders and keep climbing for the ceiling. My ceiling becomes their floor. I want to make sure they have a solid floor from which to shoot to higher successes.

So here is the Servant Leadership Email. Fancy name, right?

Here's how this works: I get posts from different leadership blogs, but I chose the ones I believe to be the most helpful and the most focused in honoring the leadership philosophy called Servant Leadership. Then I send those out to you. There is no schedule, but for the most part they will be quick and easy one-page reads. That's important too because none of us has a lot of time to sit and read for very long.

Here’s a link to sign up for the emails. Don’t worry, I won’t flood you—I don’t have time for that.

Sign up here.



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